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Many have offered a path to enlightenment and peace, a path set with austerity and rituals. Deb Speer Claire, in her rhythmic prose offers us a gentle beautiful way to dance with nature and calmly, joyfully embrace the light of Creator… thus illuminating our souls. The path she shows is accessible to all. We need not leave our lives or climb a mountain, live in a cave or recite 4 thousand year old mantras. Through her elegant prose, she gently opens the doors and windows to our heart and lets the light and breeze cleanse and renew our soul.

-Judith Sterling

Artist/Reiki Practitioner.   BFA  Kent State University/Summa Cum Laude

featured in   STARK ARTHOLOGY  by Jessica Bennett.


Deb Speer Claire
Writer, Speaker, Mystic, Theologian, Shaman, Spiritual Leader,
Artist, Healer, Light Being, Fellow Journeyer, Teacher of Truth,
Counsellor, Intuitive, Mom, Grand mama.

BA Kent State University in Studio Art and Sociology
-Studies in Speech and Rhetoric and Small Group Communications

Master of Divinity Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO)
-Studies in Theology and Jungian Theology

Ordained Clergy United Methodist Church – 27 years experience
-Post Graduate studies in Family Systems,
Internal Family Systems, and Meditation




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